Bootstrapping 101


Bootstrapping 101 Get Your High Growth Startup off the Ground for Under 3K.  One of my favorite things about technology is the power it gives us to create. With the right tools, and your time and energy, you can create beautiful and polished brand for less than $3,000.  You can build apps, software, products or entire worlds with the click of a button. When it comes to creating companies that are ready for rocket fueled growth and exciting endeavors, a C-Corp is the preferred vehicle for the venture capitalists out there looking to invest in you. Venture capital is not [...]

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6 Reasons Small Businesses Benefit From Coworking Spaces


6 Reasons Small Businesses Benefit From Coworking Spaces If you type “coworking” into google images, you'll see tons of bright and exciting pictures showing some impressive design features coworking spaces offer. These community workspaces often include cozy lounging areas, ping pong tаblеѕ, Instagram worthy millenials with Macbooks, free locally roasted coffee, and a select few even show off a pretty sick happy hour beer selection. While this definately gets us excited, their may be more to consider than those enticing perks... even though they legit add to the coworking experience.  I'd like to propose 6 main benefits уоu should take into [...]

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Getting Started At Granite City


Getting Started At Granite City The vision of Granite City is to create a utopia where startups and tech companies can be born, funded and scale, leaving behind a variety of brilliant people to continue the cycle. We will also support employees from forward-thinking companies, brilliant entrepreneurs, individuals working their magic at lifestyle businesses and those just getting started on their journey.  If you are ready to get the most out of your Granite City membership, here are a few suggestions.  Join The Community  We love the companies that work here. People are genuine, dedicated and working on some truly [...]

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