With local small business initiatives like “Doing What Matters,” and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council’s (GCEC) work, the Sacramento region is primed for continued and sustainable growth in the startup and small business sector.

If you ask us, that sounds like an entrepreneurs playground and a remote employees dream!

But what brought the Sacramento region to this point? We think it has a bit to do with the ecosystem of support and community for business and entrepreneurs in the region. Over the past decade or so, the coworking movement made its way to Sacramento with arguably it’s first space opening in 2008. Interestingly enough, when Capsity started in August 2008, they had never heard of coworking and were calling themselves a “shared entreprenuer space.” That was until a member told them they had created a coworking space (basically they were trending without even knowing it). Their statement of intent as found on their website encapsulates what they are about:

   “To Make Happiness the top priority for our members and local communities.”

They also place emphasis on social impact and human relationships. Soon after their doors opened in Sacramento, more coworking spaces began to pop up. The Sacramento region is now home to about 20 coworking and makerspaces!


The spaces listed here and not only coworking space. Most of them also have small private office availability, virtual offices, conference rooms, and event space available.

Amen Coworking, Capsity, Coffee and Coworkin, CoWo Campus, Folsom Coworking, Hacker Lab, Innogrove, I/O Labs, The Makers Place, McClellan Innovation Center, Outlet Coworking, Suite 210, The Trade, Urban Hive, WorkFlow Lounge, The Workshop Davis, The Workshop Sacramento.


These makerspaces are similar to coworking space but, they also offer use of the tools and tech including 3D printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, soldering iron, sewing machines and other tools.

Area 52, Bayer CoLaboratory, Hacker Lab, Hacker Lab Rocklin, Inventopia, Maker HQ & Rocket Department

With so many coworking spaces open and better yet thriving, it seems that Sacramento really is a place of innovation and entrepreneurs. We are excited to open our doors come October and finally bring a coworking, and unique private office space to Folsom and the surrounding area.

So, whether you live and work in Sacramento, Roseville/Granite Bay, or Folsom/El Dorado HIlls, there is a coworking community for you!